HALO Talks: Peter talks with Todd Waks, CEO of NXT Water


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“It’s not about the exit. It’s about working with the right people who recognize that this brand stands for something and they’re prepared to put the resources behind it,” states Todd Waks. A self-described, “serial brand marketer,” Todd was diagnosed with stage 3A melanoma and moved into the HALO sector. As the CEO of AKESO water (named after the Greek goddess of healing and curing) AKESO is the world’s first and only odorless, colorless, tasteless broad spectrum [HEMP] water. It’s also the first and only fully verifiable food or beverage in the history of that industry. Todd discusses the current status of the [HEMP] world, where it’s going, how they’ve become the gold standard in their space, their plans for the future, and more!

HALO represents Health, Active Lifestyle and Outdoors. It is a lifestyle choice that is redefining the [health & wellness space]. The HALO community includes anyone who affects positive change on themselves or those around them. Does your Company embody the HALO lifestyle? Take the HALO Pledge.

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