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Akeso is making headlines.

(But we mostly jUst care about making great hemp water)

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.
These People Are Experts.

James Lavalle


Clinical pharmacist and board certified nutritionist Bestselling author of 40 books on integrative therapies Founder of the LaValle Metabolic Institute

“Protecting and enhancing your immune system has never been more important than in our current world. Being able to get this from something as simple as water is a no-brainer.”

Stacey Griffith

Founding Master Ride Instructor, Soul Cycle Global fitness/wellness icon

“I teach multiple fitness classes every day and Akeso helps me recover naturally, without taking harmful medications.”

Athena Ubach


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Passages Malibu

“The universal state of our mental health has never been challenged like it is now. Having the ability to assist my patients with natural stress-relieving options that do not include pharmaceuticals is so critical to successful therapy. Akeso has been a welcome addition to my session protocol.”